viajes con mascotas Ofrecemos Fur-st Class CareTM for your loved ones.

Alaska Airlines ofrece Fur-st Class Care™ for our furry friends—because we understand that they’re not just a pet, they’re family. Our pet travel program offers options for transporting your pet safely with top-notch care from just $1001 each way.

How to book pet travel on Alaska Airlines
  1. Book your passenger ticket on alaskaair.com2.
  2. Review our policies for pet travel linked in the section below to determine which travel option is right for you and your pet3.
  3. Contact reservations by starting a chat using the link below or calling 1-800-252-7522 to reserve space for your pet4.

Start chat with reservations

Policies and preparation for pet travel

It is important to review our pet policies to understand health certificate and carrier requirements, breed-restrictions, and any limitations on travel to your destination to determine which travel option is right for you, with plenty of time to prepare.

Cat in carrier
Pets in cabin

Pets that fit in an under-seat carrier can travel in cabin.

Pets in cabin policies
Dog in crate
Pets in baggage compartment

Pets can travel in our climate-controlled baggage compartment.

Pets in baggage compartment policies

Pet traveling to Hawaii y pets traveling internationally have additional requirements.

Pasajeros traveling with service animal can find eligibility and requirements in our accessible travel services section.

Nuestras Pet Connect@ animal travel program is available via Alaska Air Cargo for pets traveling without an accompanying passenger.

Day of pet travel

Your pet’s comfort and care is as important to us as it is to you. Here are some tips to ensure they have a
fur-tastic journey.

Give your pet a pre-flight workout.

Bring pet identification.

Allow extra time for check in at the counter.

Take your pet for a pre-flight potty trip
at an airport animal relief area.

Avoid overwatering or overfeeding.

Visite nuestro Pet Travel FAQ for more tips.

1 For flights departing from Canada, the fee is $105 each way. Fees indicated are per kennel/carrier and for travel on Alaska Airlines only. Si su itinerario incluye viajes en otra aerolínea, es posible que se cobre el costo de la misma. Consulte con la otra aerolínea para obtener más información. Los animales de servicio adiestrados viajan gratis.

2 Pet travel fees will be collected at the airport and do not apply to service animals.

3 Space for pets traveling in the cabin or in the baggage compartment is subject to availability. Pets traveling in the baggage compartment are subject to breed restrictions, travel date embargoes and fleet restrictions.

4 If plans include travel on another airline, please contact the partner airline directly to reserve space, determine fees and obtain additional information. Alaska Airlines no transfiere a otras aerolíneas las mascotas que viajen en el compartimento para equipajes. Estas se deben registrar nuevamente en la aerolínea de conexión.