TSA PreCheck® frequently asked questions

If I am enrolled in PreCheck, how do I check-in?

Eligible PreCheck participants can check in using any method Alaska offers, including with an agent at the ticket counter.

I'm enrolled in PreCheck.  How do I make sure I'm eligible to receive PreCheck for my next trip?

When you book travel somewhere other than alaskaair.com, your Known Traveler Number isn’t always passed along to us. Adding your Known Traveler number directly to your existing reservation will ensure we have the information.

To do this, head to your My account, and the My trips section of your profile and view your purchased reservations. Select the reservation for the specific trip you have in mind, then click on the “Enter additional travel info” link. Select the passenger name, then scroll down to the Known Traveler Number field and add your number there.

Doing this will make sure you are eligible to be chosen to receive PreCheck, but remember: the TSA has built a random component into the PreCheck program, so you may, at times, not receive PreCheck on your boarding pass and may be required to use the regular checkpoint lane.

As an Alaska Airlines PreCheck participant, can I use other carriers' PreCheck lanes?

If you are enrolled in Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, or the PreCheck programs, and have entered your number in the Known Traveler field when booking, you can use any carrier’s PreCheck lanes throughout the United States. A helpful hint: add your Known Traveler number into the Traveler profiles section of your perfil de My Account, and the number will auto-populate into your reservation every time you book.

Will my boarding pass show that I can use a PreCheck lane?

Yes. Your boarding pass will display a PreCheck symbol, and your status is also encoded into the barcode you scan at the TSA checkpoint. This way, TSA will know by looking at your boarding pass and scanning the barcode that you are eligible to use the PreCheck lane.

As an eligible participant of PreCheck through another carrier, can I use Alaska Airlines' PreCheck lane?

Yes. All PreCheck lanes are available for guests to receive PreCheck.

As a PreCheck eligible participant, will I always receive expedited screening?

Most of the time, PreCheck enrollees will receive PreCheck status. That said, the TSA has built a random component into the PreCheck program, so you may, at times, be required to use the regular checkpoint lane.

What are the benefits of participating in PreCheck?

Qualifying TSA PreCheck participants are allowed to use dedicated security lanes for screening benefits. When you use these lanes, you can:

  • Dejarse puestos los zapatos, el cinto y la chaqueta liviana.
  • Dejar las computadoras portátiles en el equipaje de mano.
  • Leave your 3-1-1 compliant liquids bag in your carry-on bag.

If I am traveling internationally, does PreCheck apply?

Yes, PreCheck is available for guests traveling domestically within the United States and internationally from the United States on participating airlines.

TSA also allows eligible PreCheck participants to qualify for expedited screening benefits when connecting to a domestic flight after arriving in the United States on an international flight.

Is every traveler eligible to participate in PreCheck?

Only US citizens are eligible to apply in advance for PreCheck eligibility. The TSA, however, may designate foreign travelers PreCheck-eligible for a particular flight, providing they have the correct documentation.

I'm not a member of a Trusted Traveler program.  Why am I receiving PreCheck status?

TSA's Secure Flight system may issue PreCheck to passengers after they have been vetted through Secure Flight, regardless if they have a Trusted Traveler or Known Traveler account. PreCheck applies to that particular flight only, and does not guarantee PreCheck for future flights.

Can I get expedited screening at airports that do not have dedicated PreCheck lanes?

Yes. Guests enrolled in PreCheck, or who have been selected as PreCheck through the Secure Flight selection program, can receive expedited screening at non- PreCheck airports if they are identified by the officers at the TSA checkpoint. These guests do not have to remove their shoes or jackets, but must remove liquids, aerosols and gels and laptops from their carry-ons.

Will PreCheck expand to more airports nationwide?

Yes, TSA PreCheck is available at 200 airports so far, with plans to add more.