• Crew: Pilots, Azafatas
  • Alcance:
  • Longitud:
  • Velocidad de Crucero:
  • Dimensión:
  • Altitud Máx de Crucero:
  • Comodidades destacadas:
  • Seats: Ancho de los asientos del avión

Interior seating layout of our

Alt text for Q400 seat map
This diagram shows the seat map for our Bombardier Q400 aircraft. Our Bombardier Q400 aircraft have one main cabin. As you board the plane, the seats are lettered from left to right, F and E, the aisle, then B and A. The cabin includes a total of 76 seats from rows 1-20. There are 8 emergency exits: two at the front of the cabin, four in the Main Cabin at rows 1 and 2 (two on each side), and two at the back of the plane (one on each side). There are two lavatories: one at the front of the cabin (on the right when facing the front of the plane) and one at the back of the cabin on the left, as you face the back of the plane.